About the Island

MacGregor's Island

We (the animals) were here first.  We were goofing around on this island long before any natives, colonists, pirates,  soldiers, surfers or tourists ever discovered the joys of combining swamp, sea, sand and sun.

But y’all can visit — even live here for awhile.

There are only three rules:  no shoes, no defining a norm and throw us some popcorn once in a while.

While you are speeding past us down the pavement in your steel boxes, we have armadillos that roller skate, giraffes that fly, turtles that water ski, rhinos that bicycle and alligators with extreme sports dreams.

You may only catch a glimpse of us once or twice, others will be daily visitors to these pages.

So stay tuned and be sure to tell us which ones you like.


MacGregor’s Island

P.S.  All cartoons are by U.S. military veteran and fellow islander Chris Watt